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Gemstone As a Birthstone Color
Amethyst February From light to dark purple
Aquamarine March Pale blue or aqua blue
Agate - Various
Alexandrite June (alternate) Changes color from green to red
Amber - Golden yellow, sometimes with inclusions
Bloodstone Green with bright red spots
Beryl - Various
Citrine - Yellow-gold to orange brown
Coral - From white to red
Diamond April Clear, pale: pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, brown
Emerald May Deep Green
Garnet January Dark red, green, brown
Iolite - Purplish blue
Jade - Green, pink, lavender, yellow and white.
Lapis Lazuli Dark blue, often with golden pyrite inclusions.
Moonstone June (alternate) From colorless to gray, pink, brown, green or yellow
Onyx - Black
Opal October Light Blue, Multicolor
Peridot August Bright yellow-green to green
Pearl June Pearl
Quartz - Clear
Ruby July Dark red or ruby red
Sapphire September From sky blue to dark blue.
Spinel - Pastel pink and purple, cobalt.
Tanzanite Velvety blue
Topaz November Yelow
Tourmaline December (alternate) Various
Turquoise December Turquoise Blue
Zircon - Clear